Cyber Event Insurance

A tailored product specifically designed for small and medium enterprises to provide protection against cyber events.

Cyber-crime is a growing menace world-wide

And no business is more vulnerable than small business. The reasons are simple. Large companies generally have the money and resources to protect their interests. Many even have whole floors and teams of experts dedicated to the security of company records and sensitive data.

Small and medium enterprises are not so fortunate. A successful infiltration by cyber criminals and hackers could mean the closure and bankruptcy of vulnerable businesses and their directors.

No longer can ignoring the threat make it go away. You cannot prevent an attack but you can take action to limit the damage and get your business back up to speed with insurance. The problem is that many businesses operate under the belief that their existing insurance policies are enough to cover their data security and privacy exposures.

This is not the case.

Help is on the way

Fortunately, some Australian insurance companies are at the forefront of making good the damage of cyber threats. And although stopping the hackers and other criminals in their tracks is not within their capability, they are able to provide the next best thing… picking up the financial pieces of damaged businesses following a cyber attack event.

Cyber Event Protection Cover is affordable protection for small and medium enterprises against the impact of cyber-crime.

Buying the cover from a qualified insurance broker is by far the better way to go but choosing the right broker is important. You need a broker who understands the risks you face and has the knowledge to advise on the most suitable cover for your exposures.

Choose City Rural Insurance Brokers

…for advice and guidance, not only will you get the most appropriate cover for your needs, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a broker that works for you, not the insurance company.

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More info about the scourge of cyber-crime

Cyber security is a growing concern for businesses. Protecting all elements of your IT infrastructure such as – hardware, software, networks and facilities against a cyber event is a business risk worth mitigating.

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We are members of the Steadfast Group, which entitles our clients to additional benefits on a range of policies from Home & Contents, Private Motor and Business Pack Insurance to name a few, at no extra cost.

City Rural proudly offers cyber crime and event protection to approved businesses.

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